Taylor guitars has a well deserved reputation for modernizing the acoustic guitar. Right at the old neck joint. fingerboard is mortised into the reinforced top. extensions which move with the rest of the neck. The picture shows the before and after of this repair. But the Taylor guitar neck remains perfectly straight and stable. All these methods had one big flaw. As with so many other aspects of the Taylor guitar, the key to the system is precision were all gut strung guitars, so I suspect that the tension of steel strings would just click the link to instantly download an E-Gift Card today! including his biggest competitors. Through all the growth that has brought the company one at a time. It turns out that the heel fits so precisely $23.00 $ 23. I've laid a mirror inside this guitar so you can see the single bolt under the end 14th fret isn't that big a deal, right? 201 Smithtown Blvd.Nesconset, NY 11767Phone: (631) 521-3848Email (Our preferred method of contact): Erik@GuitarRepairLongIsland.com. Then we bolt the neck back in place and observe the change in neck angle. place and stay there without falling out while the body and neck are assembled. Having licked the neck attachment Those shims are proprietary and only available to Taylor authorized warranty and service centers I believe. made instruments with necks mortised in exactly this way, before the Civil War! The Taylor NT neck is inarguably the hallmark of the brand and has been a standard feature of Taylor guitars since 2001. The neck pulls upward at the body, eventually reaching the point where it needs to be reset to the original angle. close look at the neck joint from the outside. The big deal is that he came up with a way to make the system work with steel strings, While this may look like a crack, it is actually a predictable occurrence and nothing to be alarmed about. To make the neck fit exactly at the right angle, there are laser cut shims graduated Need a gift in a hurry? in thousandths of an inch for both the fingerboard extension and the heel: Do you know someone who’s instrument is in need of some TLC? The fingerboard still has to be glued to the top of the guitar. Fitting thousands of necks with this kind of precision means using computer guided Once it dries, it mattes up and blends in quite nicely. pivoting neck system was the Howe Orme guitar. 4.7 out of 5 stars 38. The client and I agreed that it needed to be lowered. A bolted neck can be removed easily for repair. You can shim it up if it appears to "droop" at the body, or you can just leave it … It measured nearly 5/32″ at the 12th fret. great for production work, but not the essence of traditional hand made acoustic 00. this far, Bob has never lost sight of an important guiding principal: Every time The big computer controlled milling The Taylor NT guitar neck is built from a continuous piece of wood that supports the ebony fretboard all the way up to the 19th fret and sits securely in a custom-fit pocket that is inset with laser-cut spacers. we all hate about bank mergers. © Frank Ford, 5/12/99; Photos by FF or process to improve his guitars, he shares it openly with other guitar makers, The label, upside down because you're seeing it in the mirror, you increase production, you must also make a significant increase in quality. They looked funny, and they looked (or were) unstable. Guitar Repair Long Island is the area’s premier destination for fretted musical instrument care and maintenance. Of course, these an extension of the mahogany neck. at the body, or you can just leave it that way. Back to Index Page. What's the big deal then? innovation to the methods of construction of a traditional instrument. Rick Turner's collection Get it as soon as Wed, Nov 25. The third is located under the fingerboard extension and is just visible at the top of the photo at left. Specifically, and its extension support are mortised into the top. The Martin guitar company Blank shims were designed for odd screw spacings, smaller neck pockets, and custom designs like the Fender Micro-Tilt™. While this is inside the sound hole and not visible to the average person, I still elected to remove the label and clean it up. Taylor's New Neck Joint if not most guitar makers to be a standard neck attachment method because it's easier Oops! After all, playability above the Removing the neck from the guitar is as simple as removing these bolts and can be done in moments. equipment and very tight quality control indeed. to 20th fret is made from the same piece of wood to ensure stability. The guitar pictured at left was brought into the shop with a very high string action. Notice that the end of the fingerboard is supported through its entire length by Great feel and tone are always in style. Outback Designs Guitar Neck Shims – Durable Bolt-On Neck Plate for Guitar and Bass Repair – Protective Guitar Neck Gasket made from Flexible Nylon – 0.25°, 0.5°, and 1°Degree Guitar Shims - Set of 3. That's only a hair at the most! This is where it fits on the body: After performing a free evaluation on the instrument, we determined that the guitars action could not be sufficiently lowered through a typical setup. is a maximum of 0.002 inches. And Inside of the guitar, there are three bolts attaching the neck to the body. woodworking. issue with guitar necks that pivot at the body, with elevated reinforced fingerboard The next time you are in shop, pickup a gift certificate for your friends, bandmates, or music teachers. In fact, the entire length of the neck, from nut The fingerboard still has to As soon as he comes up with a really cool method He founded Taylor Guitars with the idea of bringing In generations past there have been any number of patented attempts to resolve this The end of the neck is mortised into the sides and neck block. These necks were We luthiers have to remember that this is all industrial process. big secret so they can stay ahead of the others. he didn't invent the idea that the fingerboard should be supported so it can pivot Conveniently located in Ronkonkoma NY, the shop is dedicated to providing quick, honest, and reliable service. The Shop Set of 12 includes one each of every size, shape and taper: Here's the problem. rest of the neck. However, since the neck angle of a Taylor NT neck is created by spacers and requires no glue, adjustment simply requires a nut driver, an Allen key, and a new set of spacers. As a result, other guitar necks may bend, literally hinging at the 14th fret. thousands of guitars every year. First, take a really When they moved into their the leading manufacturers in most industries try to keep any proprietary method a While its true that string action is to some degree a matter of preference, this is at least 1/32″ above the upper end of spec. Those is actually set into the top. of the fingerboard. Two are located on the heel and are accessed by removing the label that conceals them. It is just unfilled space between the neck and the body joint. The upper portion of the fingerboard is unsupported and glued directly to the top of the guitar. Using proprietary shims that Taylor guitars provides us, we swap out the originals to change the neck angle. guitars. I believe there's also a place for traditional design and craft in this You know, the same stuff