In the presence of his disciples our Savior was wonderfully transfigured on Mount Tabor. Transfigure the lives of all who sit in the shadows of suffering and sorrow – especially: {List}. Yet you exalted him above all things and he is our Lord, and we have known his presence with us. We humbly beseech you to transfigure each of us into the likeness of Christ. If you are unable to physically receive Holy Communion, especially if Holy Mass in your area remains inaccessible, or if you are under lockdown, or in isolation in the midst of this pandemic, make a solemn recitation of this Prayer for Spiritual Communion by Saint Alphonsus Maria de Liguori. Lord, in your light may we see light. — that in its trials it may always be transfigured by the joy of your victory. Transfigure this congregation: its people and programs; its decisions and vision; its worship, service, and fellowship. O Christ, before your passion and death you revealed the resurrection to your disciples on Mount Tabor; we pray for your Church which labors amid the cares and anxieties of this world, Church Prayers and Intercessions for Transfiguration. Thank you for the vision of his holy glory, which he so lovingly pours upon all who cling to him in faith. Give it grace to speak truth and offer forgiveness to its enemies. On the mountain you were transfigured, O Christ God, And your disciples beheld your glory as far as they were able So that when they would behold You crucified, They would understand that Your suffering was voluntary, And would proclaim to the world, That You are truly the radiance of the Father. Prayers: Collect for the Feast of the Transfiguration (from the Mass of St. Pius V): "O God, Who in the glorious transfiguration of Thine only-begotten Son didst strengthen the sacraments of faith by the testimony of the fathers, and Who didst wonderfully foreshow the perfect adoption of Thy children by a voice coming down in a shining cloud, mercifully grant that we be made co-heirs of the King of … Transfigure your Church. Church Prayers and Intercessions for Transfiguration Almighty and loving God, you loved this world so much that you gave your only Son, Jesus to be our Saviour. Make it a place where all may come, and be fashioned into the very image and likeness of Christ Jesus our Lord. We pray to the Lord. August 6, 2019. Grant that when we look upon the face of any whom you have redeemed through Jesus’ death and resurrection, we see his love alone, shining in their eyes. Worship texts and resources. It is our fervent prayer that by God’s grace, we will be “The Best Catholic” we can ever become. Lord, in your light may we see light. — we ask your blessing upon the Jewish people; of old you called them to be your chosen nation. Our aim is to help Catholics strengthen their spiritual life, deepen their understanding of the faith, and intensify their holiness by catechesis and a variety of Catholic information. Additional Resources. Make it a lamp, radiating the splendor of your beloved Son’s light and life. We pray to the Lord. Menu Previous menu. 2 Peter 1:16-18 Awesome Creator, I thank You for letting Your people witness the transfiguration of Your Son (Jesus Christ). Topical Prayers. Lord, in your light may we see light. Daily Devotion for Thursday, November 26, 2020, Devotion for Wednesday, November 25, 2020, Hymn Paraphrases of Liturgy for Christmas/Epiphany, Hymn Paraphrases of Liturgy for Advent/Lent, Hymn Paraphrases of Liturgy for Easter/Festival, Add Church / Renewal Group to the Partner List, Add Individual to the Supporting Member List, For all who doubt their worth or have lost hope: may the glory of the Transfiguration free them from despair and open a new vision for what God can do for each person; We pray to the Lord.