Nothing. Here’s a few tips to reduce deer collisions: Do deer whistles work on motorcycles? So, it may be that the deer whistles are more effective for drivers of cars, trucks, and motorcycles when they are in areas in which their speed is consistently at the level for the deer whistle to work at the optimum level. It is because of the seriousness of motorcycle and deer collisions, that many are looking for ways to deter deer from crossing the road as the motorcycle is moving toward and away from the animal, including the use of deer whistles. /F3 16 0 R << << ÁTOMO OLA Upgraded Version Deer Whistles Deer Whistles for Car/Motorcycle, Detachable Deer Horns Deer Alert for Vehicles (4 Pack, Black) 4.5 out of 5 stars 103. �J�Ws���iЂ��3�DK��J oZ�O/݊<30l�,/g>���(��S�Y��d ���w,U�R�ʎ�F�6�l�P��R��ߐ�J�xs��Rx�K��������NЫ��'g�3�O����SI`�Rd ��֙5��"3�z�{x@#���B��)����b $0����97 Most motorcyclists don’t usually ride that time of year. 5 0 obj /S /Transparency << So I installed deer whistles on my CHP motorcycle. >> /CreationDate (D:20200918165821+04'00') The deer whistle has to be installed in a place in which there is going to be good, direct airflow into the whistle. 7 0 obj /ExtGState << ~�]��X�z�}��8�}&�= q� >> I would speed up, slow down, rev my engine, honk my horn, blow my siren. /MediaBox [ 0 0 612 792 ] /ProcSet [ /PDF /Text /ImageB /ImageC /ImageI ] endobj /Contents [ 9 0 R 81 0 R ] Thank you! 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Watch for deer crossing signs and be vigilant. endobj /Kids [ 7 0 R 87 0 R ] /Type /Catalog Deer and horses Thank you for asking. /Type /Pages /Author (Icecream PDF Split&Merge) Considering that deer whistles are extremely affordable; one needs to consider that since the research is inconclusive, they still may be a good investment to make if looking for ways to prevent a motorcycle collision with a deer. /F5 21 0 R Check out my About page for more info. /LC /iSQP Unfortunately, there is no clear-cut answer as to whether or not deer whistles actually work the way that they are advertised to work. If there is no room in the grill of your vehicle to install the deer whistle, then mount the deer whistle on the top or bottom of the bumper. Deer mostly migrate in the late fall around October through December. Wipe the base of the deer whistle with rubbing alcohol to remove any manufacturing dust and grit. << Does Riding A Motorcycle Make You Tired; 7 Solutions For Your Trip, Any bona fide road safety professional will tell you that fatigue is a big contributor to crashes. The research on their effectiveness to date, has been limited; however, there are still arguments to be made as to their effectiveness. Attach the double-sided sticky tape to the bottom of the deer whistle when dry. As a motorcyclist, you do need to be aware that it may be possible for you to hear the sound that is created by the deer whistle. Getting these answers is pretty much impossible as it is hard to recreate the natural reaction of deer in a laboratory setting. A lot of motorcycle riders wonder if the use of a deer whistle is effective in preventing motorcycle crashes with deer. %PDF-1.7 When mounting a deer whistle to a motorcycle, you want to also attach it in a similar way to ensure the same adequate airflow. The problem with the research is that they are not able to determine how these sounds actually affect deer. Deer whistles are a possible solution to ward off the animal, but do deer whistles work on motorcycles? >> 2 0 obj 2. These are areas that yet again speed is consistently over 30 miles per hour. /F8 30 0 R If you use our partner links we earn a commsission at no extra cost to you. It’s bad enough in a car, but what about motorcycles? Most deer whistles are activated by your vehicle's speed. While not all research proves that a deer whistle is effective, there are drivers that have been using a deer whistle for years on all of their autos, some including motorcycles, that swear that they are effective; however, data has shown that the average speed of these drivers is 32 miles per hour. However when planning a trip motorcyclists may should be aware deer migration throughout the year. That means if you are a motorcyclist and are traveling at 22 miles an hour, that the deer whistle may not produce the sound that is needed to cause a deer to freeze. Made to go the distance, these tires are designed to last, provide grip and keep you touring for miles to come. /Type /Group Since we can’t turn to the famous duo to help us out this time, instead, le… I bought the $7.99 set from Autozone, and since then, not only I have not been hot by any deer, I have also not been hit by squirrels, frogs, or jellyfish. They said on rear of package that the deer will run opposite way when they hear them. Herbert Midgley, the Internet Legend, shows you How To Install Deer Warning Whistles! >> It was easy to install on my Jeep using the two wires. And there are a lot of dead deer and smashed up cars with deer whistles on them. As an Amazon associate we earn from qualifying purchases. The second was that the ultrasonic sounds that are produced by deer whistles actually do not travel far distances. Their finding showed that deer whistles don’t work. /Pages 7 0 R /Type /Page “Much to my surprise, the deer didn’t even raise their heads while grazing along the side of the road. @t0�rğ [�� ��fK�F� �}3��߁�ݶ�j�A�����)�{U�{.�d�J��@�7��6u�S�0�5 ���%���X� �~M �i���7%���o~`Z��6+���Ww�Ɂ�@7j9:��T� �+d����™5~��tz���`���h�7m���(r��SL�2+�/ń��w�/'������C@*w�/�r{bT�"��� ������Z�WK�_�gS u��` ��~~�T����/��p���n�,̋�`1�S�����[� ���s�(Qk#���so(�a,G�]�K�$z���)z�s�Z�lT5���҆c����� �O8�1ad�ʒq-ۀ ���Bn4=��f��&un��te��u[��:�`��>�S?p�V\� �X3�׺k ��j~�3�ȪS�������`�0(X4���kD�x�I����)�^�)P�?,�`R�ls�>yM�Ԣt|��B�g��m�`֑4k|�E�h�ƍ�'��W�T���A��W�|H